Monday, March 03, 2003

I'll turn 24 this upcoming Saturday.

I remember being 12 years of age and wanting to meet myself as a twenty-something year-old.

I wondered what I'd be like. How tall I'd be. How strong I'd be. What style of clothing I'd be wearing. Would I have a tattoo? What would my girlfriend look like?
You know...all that important kind of stuff.

Sometimes, I'd like to go back in time and meet up with that little punk. I'd like to slap that kid around and set him straight. "Straighten up and fly right!" I'd tell him (maybe even in musical form). I'd tell him to keep playing the piano, to stay in school, to give up the ganja, to stay away from the ladies, to try out for the school football team, and to learn to read.

Okay...well, forgive me for being hyperbolic. I never had a drug problem. I actually graduated from HS a semester early and got $500 toward college tuition. I've always been reserved around women. Football? Pshaw, I was always more of a soccer kind of guy. And, like most kids in the public school system, I learned to read in 1st grade. So, I guess I wouldn't need to waste valuable time travel time with unnecessary warnings. I would tell him to keep playing the piano though. Man, I regret giving that up.

So then we would have some time together for the important things. I could beat him at Street Fighter 2. Then I'd pass the game only using one quarter.
He and I could then go get a slurpee...or maybe a Jamba juice, wait, it was still called Zuka juice back then...oh, no, those were still the frozen yogurt golden years.
Then as we sat eating our half pints of strawberry frogurt covered with gummi bears, I'd tell him the outcome of some future sporting events. Then I'd return to the future to find that I'd built a large casino and had corrupted my whole hometown. Yah.

But on second thought, I can't manage my life as simple as it is now. And besides, messing around with the space time continuum is never a really a good idea.

Or so it seems.

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