Thursday, April 10, 2003

Last night on MTV's Dismissed the unthinkable-nay-the unbelievable happened.

Good morals were presented, reinforced and ultimately endorsed...
Now, I just happened upon this television show as I was skipping through the channels because-uh- I NEVER watch MTV, or VH1 or any of that soft-core garbage...(heh-heh). But, if you're not familiar with the premise of the show, they send two boys on a date with one girl and both boys fight over the girl and then she chooses who she'd like to date (the first half of the show is a boy choosing between two girls). Anyway, one of the boys was trying to play up his supposed "Cassanova" bad-boy image. He was exagerrating his sexual exploits and trying to appear wild for the girl.
However, the other boy stood up for his values on cable television. He spoke out against smoking and drinking but not in a preacherly way. He wasn't interested in pre-marital sex. And he was honest, upfront, and sincere with the girl. She asked him if it would bother him to date someone who wasn't a virgin and his answer impressed me greatly...he said, "I don't think that it's so much where you have been...but the direction in which you're currently heading."
The girl, who's morals up until meeting this young man may have been greatly influenced by the lifestyle that MTV seems to promote, was impressed and ended up choosing the kid who stood up for good."
I hoped that the thousands of teenagers watching took note and were influenced for good. I
It was a poignant reminder to me to stand up for my beliefs whatever situation I'm in and to not fear the voice of man.

Perhaps MTV isn't as bad as I thought...

Or, perhaps not.

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