Monday, April 21, 2003

So, I didn't go to sleep last night. That's right. I stayed up all night. What's that? because of finals, you ask? No.
Well, I mean, I did have a final- a take-home final at that- but I finished writing it about 4:45am, leaving me plenty of time to sleep before its 10am deadline. But did I sleep? NO.

It's great feeling almost being done with finals...(and with school for that matter).
But things turn all funny and strange when you haven't slept. I've started hallucinating, even hearing things.
Today in my delusions of grandeur, I thought I heard someone say that they heard a professor say that I was "articulate." That is absurd.
The only reason I could make of this was that I must have dreamt it as I lay on the carpet in the post-production sound room trying to take a nap.

Well, so, um, I haven't got much for you, but if my hallucinations continue to be this complimentary I may never go to sleep again.
And I suppose that if nothing else, in the words of my dear friends, you could always tell this story to kids who are thinking about using drugs.


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