Monday, April 14, 2003

What's the deal with old people and buffets?
KFC-all you can eat buffet, Home Buffet, and Chuck-O-Rama. Our elderly love these places...And I'd really like to know why!

The food at these places isn't spectacular; just meat and potatoes really. It's all stuff you can make for yourself at home.
Are our elderly friends just excited to see so much food that they didn't have to prepare themselves? After a lifetime of making food for yourself and your family, seeing mountains of green jello and pot roast would be heaven. I guess the great satisfaction lies in eating familiar food but not having to cook it or clean up after it.
But is that why they are really there?

Maybe sitting down amongst strangers stuffing their faces with said meat and potatoes, our elders see the memories of fifty Thanksgivings gone by. In the green Jell-O they see reflected their youngest daughter's second marriage wedding reception. Eating the potato salad reminds them of easier times, times when little boys could frolic in a field shooting wild cats with BB guns...In the eyes of the workers who are clapping out the birthday while totting soft-serve ice cream from a machine that is self-service they see a vigor and a hope of a youthful generation that has passed them by. Then they sit there and eat and think...and it's like a Norman Rockwell painting really, or something.

Maybe this is why they love these buffets so...
But perhaps we'll never know...

(er, at least for another 45 years or so...)

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