Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Well, so far I've only managed to figure how to change the colors of my blog's template. Not as good as hyperlinks, pictures or witty entries but...hey.

Well, not much to report other than that I had a very nice Mother's Day with my family. We visited my father's parents in Salt Lake and after congregating with the family in the hot tub atrium, my grandfather told my grandmother that he wanted ice cream. My grandma said that they didn't have enough for everyone, so he'd have to go make it himself (and she volunteered my services too). Well, the only thing I've ever seen my grandfather make in his life was hot dogs and hamburgers, but with a sensibility and frugality that can only come from having survived the Great Depression, my grandfather orchestrated the most successful homemade ice cream making since...since...Martha Stewart made something...um...something homemade.

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