Thursday, June 05, 2003

Let me tell you the story of three boys and their plants.

One day there were three roommates. They decided to spruce up their apartment with a little greenery. Boy #1 bought a nice healthy-looking lush plant with broad leaves. Boy #2 bought an English Ivy (he liked how it climbed). Boy #3 bought the strangest plant he could find that was still within his budget: a bromeliad. The boys had chosen plants that were as unique as they were.

The three boys returned home with their prizes and adorned the apartment with their new-found friends. But as time passed...The personalities of the boys soon showed in how they cared for their plants. Plant #1 grew verdantly in its prime location near the sunlight. After a promising start, plant #2 or "monster," as it was soon dubbed, contrary to its hastily given name, soon waned in strength and energy shedding its leaves to the point of naked sterility. Plant #3 grew like a mutant and refused to die even after its master was convinced he had stunted it after knocking it to the ground countless times.

Plant #3 soon found its way to the trash even though it was still alive and well.
Plant #2 sits outside, it's long leafless tendrils grasping for whatever light it can get. starved
Plant #1 reigns supreme, growing green and proud in the sun.

"What is this is good for?" Absolutely nothing.

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