Monday, June 30, 2003

My little brother came home from Germany late Thursday night. He looks exactly the same as when he left except he's a bit hairier now. I guess he's hairier than me because when He saw me with my shirt off he asked me if I shaved my chest. I laughed because..."of course I don't."
But he's also become hairier in spirit and mental capacity...he's quite grown-up is what I'm trying to say. little brother has a lot of friends. I don't know who I got to see or hear more from his friends from school and the mission or him. But nonetheless, it was good to have hang out with him even if I had to do it with his highschool buddies in tow. little brother says "so" alot. After a question he begins, "so in Germany or So, in my" I guess it's a German language habit (like a love for chocolate and treats.)When I came home from Japan...I couldn't stop bowing over the phone. I still do it sometimes.

So... My little brother indeed did turn out to be too cool for me (just like in my dream). The only thing that didn't come true from my dream was him playing the guitar like a banjo (and the Russian midget ninjas attacking my legs).

So...vauable lessons learned this weekend..."when somebody asks you if you are a say YES!"

The End

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