Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Here’s how to find your closest skin type.
Type one: You burn easily, never tan, are red headed and have freckles, especially common among those of Irish, Scottish or Welsh descent.
Type two: You burn easily, but you get a minimal tan. You have fair skin and hair and blue eyes.
Type three: You sometimes burn, but can get a light brown tan. You’re dark-haired and Caucasian or Asian.
Type four: You minimally burn and usually tan to a moderate brown; more prevalent among Caucasians of Mediterranean descent or light-skinned people of African, Asian, Hispanic, Indian or Middle Eastern ancestry.
Type five: You rarely burn (lucky you!) and tan well. You are of Middle Eastern, Asian, Hispanic, Indian or African descent.
Type six: Your skin never burns and you’re sun insensitive. You are probably of African descent with deep skin pigmentation.

I found this online and was very excited to see that I am a type 2 and "most prone to photo aging (and should use sunscreen every day in all weather and seasons). "

What type are you?

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