Monday, July 07, 2003

It's hard to come back to the rut of everyday life after a great vacation.
After a handful of life-changing experiences, one is prone to feel like they don't quite belong here anymore.

After experiencing the following you'd probably feel the same way...

1.) Three full days at the beach (body boarding, live bands, in-line skating, volleyball, frisbee, fireworks, and sunburn)
2.) All-you-can-eat SUSHI
3.) Two nights sleeping in the same room as a snoring married couple, two other grown boys, and a very vocal one-year old whose legal name is "Champ."
4.) 1500 miles in a Ford Focus.
5.) One night spent in the car in the high desert next to I-15 expecting to be awoken by an axe-murderer for breakfast. (?)
6.) An engagement to be married on my 30th birthday.
My life will never be the same...

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