Monday, August 04, 2003

As I sat reading a Newsweek in the waiting room at the IHC Instacare in Orem, I met a friendly, he met me.

Him: "Hey buddy, do you speak Spanish?"

Me: "No."

He looks slightly disappointed.
I decide to take the cue-queue-que?

Me: "Um, I speak Japanese."

Then after a brief conversation about how it must have been hard to learn Japanese and how I must have had the Lord's help...

Him: "Do you have any brothers who speak Spanish?"

Me: "No. My brother just got back from a mission in Germany."

He looks slightly disappointed again.

Me: "But I have a lot of roommates and friends who served Spanish-speaking!"

Him: "That's great, Buddy. I have a sister who grew up in Chicago but then my mother took her back to Mexico but she's back now living with my wife and me and she's studying English and she's doing pretty good at if I meet nice guys (apparently who preferrably speak Spanish) I want to try to set her up."

Me: " Oh."

Him: "Because sometimes you meet RMs who are bad I want to be sure."

Me: "Right."

Luckily shortly thereafter he was called in to see his doctor.

I wasn't sure if the fellow was just being friendly or whether he was auditioning me for the part of sister-suitor. Needless to say I was grateful to get back to Newsweek and the gripping article on following the yellocake road.

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