Saturday, September 20, 2003

I don't know what to write...

Which brings to mind the question of why bothering to type then?

There were so many things that, at the very instant they happened, I wanted to write so badly but lost the fervor...the drive...the moment, when finally faced with a blank computer screen.

For instance,

I went into a 7-Eleven a month ago for a Slurpee but was chagrinned to discover that the Slurpee machines were both out of order. But to my surprise there was an actual Slurpee machine repairman, monkeying with tools, digging into the exposed innards of that glorious machine. Who knew such specialized technicians existed? I was pondering about how to type a blog that would give my experience justice, maybe alluding to how the magic of the Slurpee was somewhat destroyed after seeing the "man behind the curtain," or some junk like that, but nothing. And now, a month later, we all get to enjoy it.

I think it aged well...

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