Sunday, October 19, 2003

Let me tell you a story about a little kid I once knew...

This little boy, let's call him Bryan, signed up to play AYSO soccer. And the way that AYSO teams are made up is by school boundaries, and for some reason Bryan's boundaries included a lot of kids who looked like they'd never even seen a soccer ball in their life before.
Well, was snotty at an early age and didn't want to associate with "losers." So Bryan's mom went to the AYSO director and signed Bryan onto a team that Bryan had heard (from his soccer playing friend) was good.
Bryan enjoyed his stint on the "winning" team as it went on to an undefeated record crushing every team it played, including the team of "losers" that Bryan would've played on had his mom not given in to his demands.
Years later after all the soccer playing had ended, one thing always stuck out in Bryan's mind. When Bryan's mother told the AYSO director that Bryan wanted to switch teams the director replied, "okay, but if he stays he could really help out the team and maybe even be a star player."

What would've happened to Bryan had he stayed on that team? Would he have made a difference? Would they have even won a game? Would anyone even have cared? Who knows...but at least he would've had the chance at being a star player...

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