Thursday, November 20, 2003

To my faithful reader(s),
Sorry about copping out and posting song lyrics with no commentary/story attached.

I like this song mostly because it is catchy. I don't know what Anthony is talking about. I don't understand the lyrics of most Chili Pepper songs but, The Zephyr Song chorus speaks to me of freedom from worries and strife-be them temporary or miniscule.

On another totally unrelated note...I think that I am balding.

The End

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Last chorus of "The Zephyr Song"

Fly away on my zephyr
I feel it more than ever
And in this perfect weather
We'll find a place together

In the water where I center my emotion
All the world can pass me by
Fly away on my zephyr
We're going to live forever

By REDHOT Chili Peppers
2002 Warner Bros Records

Monday, November 10, 2003

I had a dream that I was using the Force to open a door. The door slowly began to open as I held up my hand. Then the person who was opening it on the other side stood tall in the doorway. Our eyes met for a moment and I was sort of sad...
But then, in my dream, I chuckled and thought how this would be a funny blip for a movie.

Ah, those kooky dreams...
6 hours of Stake Conference is a good thing.

I learned a lot about my stewardships in this life, drew a lot of pictures, heard a lot of excellent heart-felt testimonies, heck, I even met my old Kindergarten teacher. Needless-to-say, I came away with a lot of resolutions and a better oulook on life.

The End

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Sometimes calamity strikes...

Today at work my computer froze and I had to "hard" reboot it. Unfortunately, this resulted in my hard drive crashing and me losing the last two and a half weeks of work. 88 hours of work down the toilet in a split second.
It wouldn't be so bad except for losing a very cool animation I did exploring enertia and friction coefficients with a blue van, a grandma in a polyester dress, and a vinyl seat... all set to the beautiful backdrop of of Fruitland, NM.

Needless to say, life goes on.