Wednesday, February 11, 2004

The top ten reasons Mexico was great.

1) I didn't get sunburned...

2) I ate a lot of good food, drank a lot of pina coladas...(non-alcoholic, of course)...(included in my hotel price!) and didn't get sick.

3) It was seventy-five freakin' degrees farenheit!

4) I saw a bull fight.

5) Snorkeling.

6) Matt used the phrase, "scratchy von-trapp."

7) I saw a gecko stalk and then gobble up a moth.

8) I visited a place where they filmed parts of the "Predator," and then swam in a waterfall.

9) Matt, Candice, and Jon were there.

10) Having the phrase, "booze cruise" called out to you at all hours of the day.

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