Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Going skiing with 12 fourteen-year-old Japanese kids wasn't the wild experience I had envisioned.

Most of the little guys could ski relatively well. I only had to pick up Sho once or twice when he tumbled on the slopes and after his skis fell off four or five times, he got the hang of putting them back on. Even after saying at lunch that he didn't want to go back out, he ended up skiing until it was time to leave.

I was only slightly worried when I saw, from my vantage point on the chairlift, two of the smaller boys enter the halfpipe. They didn't catch any air or spin any tricks but the went on down without crashing or even screaming. Later, I heard them begging their thirty-year-old teacher to come with them to "the fun place." She turned them down saying it was too scary. I could only chuckle.

So, instead of wowing you, my semi-captive audience, with stories of injuries and drama, I conclude by saying that regular application of sunscreen and language study is the only preventative measure against a poor day on the slopes with 12 kids who really know how to ski.

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