Sunday, June 27, 2004

Good times in Goblin Valley.

I went camping with the scouts in my home ward this week because they couldn't find anyone else to go. After spending two days in good ol' Moab, we traveled to Goblin Valley to hike Little Wildhorse Canyon and then spend some time in the Valley of Goblins.

Whilst playing our final round of "sardines" in the valley, it started to get dark. After 30 minutes of futile searching for the last kid, we finally gave up and shouted to him "Game Over." No answer. Another 15 minutes of shouting pass and we start to get worried. We get flashlights, enlist the help of random hikers, and fearing the worst, begin searching for Johnny's body.

At 10:30PM, the random hikers locate Johnny's slumbering body under a FREAKING rock. I guess that entrada sandstone, dust, the company of scorpions, rattlesnakes and/or an assortment of other creepy crawlies is enough to make any guy in their right mind fall completely asleep.

Back at camp, after a scolding from the scoutmaster and ridicule from the troop, Johnny develops an imaginary bump on his head and randomly begins to exhibit symptoms of Amnesia. I tell the boys that Johnny will probably have no trouble remembering in the morning and command them to bed.

I'm so glad that my teenage days are gone.

Good times.

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