Tuesday, December 07, 2004

It's amazing that I was able to work construction last summer when I basically have a condition, kindly dubbed by my longtime friend and neighbor, as "the sledgehammer touch." Or even if that's not really my problem, I'm so self-conscious about "doing it right" that I end up mulling over the work and not doing much at all. That's probably why I was sent with the one worker at aforementioned construction company that nobody else could stand...

Last night for FHE, my fine construction skills were put into play as Ali and I set about installing some weatherstripping, of the cushioned-vinyl strip variety, around our poorly insulated front door.
Not only did I have a heck-of-a-time keeping the small nails from bending prematurely before they were securely hammered into the doorframe, but I had to consult the directions on the back of the weatherstripping package numerous times to make sure that I had the bulbed-end of the plastic strip facing the right way. The pictured diagram on the package did little to help my already confused state of mind, considering it didn't even match the directions listed on the back. So for most of the ordeal I would try to emulate the picture, lay the plastic stripping against the door frame, assay the situation and subsequently become utterly confused. Then I'd flip the package around, follow directions, become confused, and then flip again, repeating this process indefinitely.

Finally Ali told me what she thought worked best; I humbly followed and despite a strong draft around the lock mechanism, I think it's definitely an improvment.
(We should've gone with the foam!)

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