Monday, January 24, 2005

Patrick's in a band...

"Illusional Biscuits Rock Sandy Community Venue"
January 22nd, 2005
At a premiere gala event at the Turquoise chapel cultural hall, fans, both new and seasoned, were treated to four original Illusional Bisket songs and a delightful cover of Weezer's "Keep Fishing."

Composed of "four gentlemen who didn't belong in this world," Patrick on lead guitar; Devon on second guitar, bass, and lead vocals; Connor on third guitar; and Nathan on drums; the Biskets combine youthful vigor with beginner/intermediate skill to form a sound that is both energetic and thumping.

"When we first recorded this song on tape, I was listening to it in my basement and my mom said, 'Turn that CD off!' Patrick announced, introducing the band's signature piece: "Blender."
"That's when we knew it was our best song," he sheepishly remarked.

Playing a 15 minute set, the Biskets rocked the audience with that very piece, and even introduced some new favorites. "The Mockingbird and Nathan" showed the more existential side of the band, while "I'm Not Joking" revealed the more tender instincts of lead singer, Devon. The more subtle, "Flaming Pistachios,"--(They're only on fire; I asked)--left the audience wondering what exactly this band couldn't accomplish.

These rock anthems, pounded out by Patrick and company, were highlighted by the state-of-the-art lighting display achieved by Brakken, who accentuated the mood of the set by alternating accordingly between green, blue, and red lighting schemes.

"I had to tell him to go easy on the lights; We didn't want anyone going into any seizures," Patrick said, expressing concern for the elderly in the audience.

After the set was finished, both band and audience enjoyed home-made biscuits made by one of the Biskets' mom.

"I can't wait until their next concert," Jessa, a 14-year-old groupie of the band, said with a mouth half-full of biscuit and jam, "They certainly rocked!"

While uncertain when their next concert would be, Patrick did say that the band was expected to make an appearance at Eastmont Junior High's talent show later in March.

"That is, if we get in," He said.

Here's hoping.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

A Little Taste of Bagel Heaven.

My gracious mom gave us a coupon for a baker's dozen worth of FREE bagels from Einstein Bros.. Ali and I were gonna wait until Saturday to redeem it, but, the quickly depleting supply of milk and grinding lack of interest in the same-old, drove my actions to a premature fruition.

Once there, I was like a kid in a candy store, excitedly choosing from among flavors as common-place as "Blueberry" to some as exotic as "Asiago Cheese." The stock girl was friendly and courteous, even offering to pre-cut my bagels in a chute-like mulching machine. Leaving the store with my 13 machine-cut bagels clutched tightly to my chest, I almost skipped to the car.

After a delicious breakfast of a chocolate chip bagel and a cinnamon sugar bagel "shmear"ed in strawberry cream cheese, my whole day has gone off without, unbelieveably, one hitch. The sun is shining. My brain is processing. My body is content-ing. Life couldn't be better. And so I say, mix up your breakfast routine, and you too may find that it affects your life for the better.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Well, well, well...

I can't believe how quickly the break has gone by!

After much family exposure, more than a baker's dozen movies, and a New Year's roadtrip to Boise, it's finally time to return to school.

This semester marks the return of our hero back to the land of the BYU. Good-bye green; hello blue! Aside from the uneasiness at feeling a great deal older than all of the young-uns on campus, I'm glad to be back in my natural habitat.

This semester also marks the beginning of the end for Ali. After student teaching, she'll join the ranks of those graduating this upcoming April.

So all in all, it's a promising beginning for a new year. I'm only a little sad to be leaving behind the holiday-endorsed sloth behind...