Thursday, January 20, 2005

A Little Taste of Bagel Heaven.

My gracious mom gave us a coupon for a baker's dozen worth of FREE bagels from Einstein Bros.. Ali and I were gonna wait until Saturday to redeem it, but, the quickly depleting supply of milk and grinding lack of interest in the same-old, drove my actions to a premature fruition.

Once there, I was like a kid in a candy store, excitedly choosing from among flavors as common-place as "Blueberry" to some as exotic as "Asiago Cheese." The stock girl was friendly and courteous, even offering to pre-cut my bagels in a chute-like mulching machine. Leaving the store with my 13 machine-cut bagels clutched tightly to my chest, I almost skipped to the car.

After a delicious breakfast of a chocolate chip bagel and a cinnamon sugar bagel "shmear"ed in strawberry cream cheese, my whole day has gone off without, unbelieveably, one hitch. The sun is shining. My brain is processing. My body is content-ing. Life couldn't be better. And so I say, mix up your breakfast routine, and you too may find that it affects your life for the better.

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