Thursday, February 24, 2005

Our upstairs neighbors got a dog...
But, our fourplex doesn't allow pets. (No pets, no kids: It's specifically written on the contract.)
And, please remember that these are the same neighbors that we had to call the police on when they were killing each other at inner-ear shattering decibel levels at three in the morning a few months ago.
And, if you would kindly recall, these are also the same neighbors whose love life wouldn't be anymore mysterious if we, somehow, happened to find ourselves magically transported into the same room with them.
Needless-to-say, Ali and I have found the idea of turning them in to our new-and-improved landlord more than tempting.
However, since the dog has come, something has changed.
The fighting has stopped; the shouting has dwindled; and, the only sound is that of soft padded feet traversing the expanse of the ceiling.
So, we've reached a good place.
But once that dog starts barking...

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