Thursday, March 31, 2005

From the front to the middle to the back again.

I hate cars. I mean, sure, they're a necessary evil and, at times, fairly convient, but, overall, they're just plain awful.

From the moment you buy a car, its value begins depreciating. Not only that, but it still costs you money once you own it: You've got to buy gas; you've got to replace tires; you've got to have a new alternator put in...yada yada. As more time passes, the more replacements you've gotta make. A car is a money vaccuum.

Also, a car depletes a natural resource and in return pumps pollution into the air. A car is an environmentally unfriendly machine!

This is why I can't understand American's (specifically Utahns) obsession with owning a HUGE gas-guzzling monster. Now, you may say, "Ryan, it's because Utahns, on average, have six to eight children and they usually cart them along with them everytime they drive!" Well, I would then ask if there are not more efficient forms of transportation designed for carting people around than a 14MPG road beast? Why does a soccer mom have to drive a Hummer to pick up her kids? And, "Because she can afford it!" is not an acceptable answer!

Here we are in an energy crisis, where gas is upwards of $2.00 per gallon, and ol' butt-tuck, boob-job, peroxide mom over there is blowing upwards of $75 everyweek when she gasses up her H2. Now, if she were "jeeping" in Moab on the weekend, rather than driving to her pedicurist, I might not have got my panties up in such a twist.

Anyway...I don't know if any of the two people who ever read my blog are still reading this but, I only have a few meager idealistic wishes. They being that I wish Americans would walk a little more; I wish that we'd stop being in such a damned hurry all the live long day that even when we're not going 10 miles over the posted speed limit, we're still emotionally and mentally content. Someday, I wish that energy efficiency would beat out prestige/style or that energy conservation would be pursued rather than energy exploitation. Overall, I just wish that common sense would triumph.

The granting of these wishes is a long-shot at best. As long as the almighty buck rules the world, I doubt much reform will take place until we are directly faced with environmental and/or cultural meltdown. Until then, I suppose I must remain a pawn in the politics of big business and capitalism. Until then, I suppose I must make do.

Ali and I just bought our first car.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Chickety Check Before You Wriggety Wreck...or something like that.

Brooke moved home.
Ali and I saw her load her belongings into Brian's bright yellow car and drive off as the theme of their license plate cover, "enjoy the ride," ironically set the tone for their trip to the airport.

And all is quiet and well--although I habitually wake up at 1AM thinking I'm hearing their arguing voices.

I hope that the divorce is final this time.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Stupid Ryan.

Yesterday, in honor of St. Patrick's Day, I wore a shirt that had "Made in Ireland" written across it.

In my chemistry exploratory lab, a fellow student asked me if, indeed, I really was made in Ireland. I responded saying that I indirectly was and loudly rhetorically asked if we all did not have a little Irish in us. When I said this I was referring to the heritage of many white LDS persons of pioneer stock. And of course, as I turn around to seek approval from others in my direct vicinity, there happens to be a girl of Asian descent standing right behind me, desperately avoiding my gaze.

Stupid Ryan.

Monday, March 14, 2005

"All we eat now is nuts."
-Grandpa Bob explaining doctor's orders to cut down on glucose intake.

"Always doing like this."
-Cesar explaining calculus.

"We ate the whole box in one day?"
-Ali holding an empty box of Do-Si-Do's.

"It must have been something I ate."
-Ryan curling in the fetal position on the couch.

"I'll have the early bird whatever-you-callit."
-Ryan W. at Market Street Grill.

"Medium. Rare. Medium-well? Medium? Medium-well."
-David thinking how he'd like his prime rib cooked.

"I went to a gay bar last night."
-Jon explaining how he fulfilled an assignment for school.

"It's my generation. Feel the rhythm of a nation. Take my hand; you'll understand."

Monday, March 07, 2005

Growing lack of civility in society....

The freshmen in my Chem 106 lecture seem to think that the professor and those sitting around them can't hear them when they talk on their cell-phones, chat with their neighbor at regular conversation-volume, and audibly chew snacks.

My upstairs neighbor's haven't once thought to themselves, "there are four other apartments in this complex occupied with people. Maybe they can hear us when we scream at the top of our lungs and grapple physically across the floor."

Or..."Hey, nobody else in this complex will be affected by our breaking contract and getting a dog. The dog won't create excess noise, and it certainly won't create a problem for others by crapping on the only lawn space in the complex."

or maybe even, "Oh, wait, maybe we shouldn't vacuum at 11:30PM! It might wake the Farringtons, who might be trying to get some sleep directly below us."

Or on the road...
I'm driving almost 80MPH in a 65MPH zone, yet, this simply isn't fast enough for most people who just have to get somewhere right away.

I guess it's easy to forget that the world doesn't revolve around you, sometimes.