Thursday, March 31, 2005

From the front to the middle to the back again.

I hate cars. I mean, sure, they're a necessary evil and, at times, fairly convient, but, overall, they're just plain awful.

From the moment you buy a car, its value begins depreciating. Not only that, but it still costs you money once you own it: You've got to buy gas; you've got to replace tires; you've got to have a new alternator put in...yada yada. As more time passes, the more replacements you've gotta make. A car is a money vaccuum.

Also, a car depletes a natural resource and in return pumps pollution into the air. A car is an environmentally unfriendly machine!

This is why I can't understand American's (specifically Utahns) obsession with owning a HUGE gas-guzzling monster. Now, you may say, "Ryan, it's because Utahns, on average, have six to eight children and they usually cart them along with them everytime they drive!" Well, I would then ask if there are not more efficient forms of transportation designed for carting people around than a 14MPG road beast? Why does a soccer mom have to drive a Hummer to pick up her kids? And, "Because she can afford it!" is not an acceptable answer!

Here we are in an energy crisis, where gas is upwards of $2.00 per gallon, and ol' butt-tuck, boob-job, peroxide mom over there is blowing upwards of $75 everyweek when she gasses up her H2. Now, if she were "jeeping" in Moab on the weekend, rather than driving to her pedicurist, I might not have got my panties up in such a twist.

Anyway...I don't know if any of the two people who ever read my blog are still reading this but, I only have a few meager idealistic wishes. They being that I wish Americans would walk a little more; I wish that we'd stop being in such a damned hurry all the live long day that even when we're not going 10 miles over the posted speed limit, we're still emotionally and mentally content. Someday, I wish that energy efficiency would beat out prestige/style or that energy conservation would be pursued rather than energy exploitation. Overall, I just wish that common sense would triumph.

The granting of these wishes is a long-shot at best. As long as the almighty buck rules the world, I doubt much reform will take place until we are directly faced with environmental and/or cultural meltdown. Until then, I suppose I must remain a pawn in the politics of big business and capitalism. Until then, I suppose I must make do.

Ali and I just bought our first car.

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