Thursday, June 30, 2005

I hate working.

I've hated all of the part-time jobs I've ever had except for the ones where work was creatively disguised as fun or where physical labor wasn't required (I.E. playing with Japanese students at Disneyland or watching TV whilst on duty at the motion picture studio).

This summer I'm cleaning carpets. I know...I know... How is it that Bachelor's degree bearing BYU grad can't find a better job than cleaning up dog urine, old people fecal matter and/or blood, gum, red punch stains, and grease? And how is it that someone who hates manual labor would go back to doing it?


On the bright side, having a crappy job sure makes going back to school in the fall look all the more appealing.


Kirsten said...

:( ur a good person

Fat eSpence said...

Crappy jobs do suck. So do infected wisdom teeth. Owwwwww!
Janna and I are moving to a basement of a semi mansion. You and Ali should come visit and we can have night swimming with frogs and foxes and deer. I kid you not.

Fat eSpence said...

And we can feed the ducks and catch fireflies.