Tuesday, September 06, 2005

So here I am looking older all the time, growing older all the time, feeling younger in my mind. Superman - Goldfinger

"You look like a dad."
"Like my dad?"

"No, just a dad."
"What are you trying to say?"

"You don't look like 2nd ward Ryan anymore."
"Oh...I'm only 26."

"I know."

Shoot! I can't stay 21 forever.
I guess it's time to sport the flame shoes and the mini-male mohawk again.
Either that or consign myself to the fact that I really am in the 25 - 30 bracket and start tucking my shirts in whilst wearing loafers.


Jay said...

Don't give in !!! It's a ploy to destroy the inner child and take away all that is good and fun.

You need a new toy. That should chase away the 'haters'.

Fat eSpence said...

Umm, I tuck in my shirts, and wear loafers. But only at work!!! I think definitely explore your freedom of clothing expression now.

kat said...

maybe you should start dressing goth. i bet nobody would say you look like a dad then.

Kirsten said...

well you are older than a lot of the dad's in this one class I have. weird.

Emily Allan said...

personally, i think the most handsome trait in a man is his abbility to look like a father. Embrace the inner father my young padwan!