Tuesday, October 11, 2005

At BYU you never really see anything written or carved in the bathroom stalls, but, here at the U it's a common practice.
And when I say "common practice," I mean the common practice of one particular guy!
I've compiled some quotes, all in the same handwriting with the same black sharpie marker, obtained from totally different stalls in separate buildings on campus.

1.) "You fake everything."
2.) "Please stop buffing; I have nothing to read."
3.) "Even your failures are mine."
4.) "Where is the best place on campus to drop bombs?"
5.) "I say right here."
6.) "I second that motion" (different marker and handwriting).

Okay, so it's not that impressive of a collection, and it's not that funny, but, it was obtained by visiting two separate bathrooms in two separate buildings and that alone hints at the sheer tenacity of this lone stall-tagging maniac...I mean, there could be more out there. And you guys gotta admit that the image of some self-proclaimed tagging vigilante sharpie-ing something he deems "thought-provoking" on a stall and coming back later to find that noone has responded or, more realistically, that someone has answered back with childish profanity is at least mildy amusing...

Yeah...I don't watch TV anymore.


Jay said...

The U has nothing on my midschool building. . .or my 3 grade school building.

*bunch of pansies*

ali said...

you do to watch tv still.

Emily Allan said...

lol...i never thought about taking notes of bathroom stalls. I suppose that means you are sitting in them for some time. Thats an interesting thing to note!

Kirsten said...

hehe... what a great way to brighten an emotional dreary day... reading Ryan's blog.

Heather said...

Paul Simon wrote that "the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and tournament halls."

I have no idea what he would make of this situation.

Fat eSpence said...

Isn't that tenement halls? Maybe you could be a sharpie for Halloween.