Friday, October 07, 2005

Emmy award winning scriptwriter for the original Muppet Show, Jerry Juhl, passed away last month.
He was one of the reasons that the show was so great, a real talent behind the scenes type. Frank Oz, in an interview with the Times on Wednesday, described Mr. Juhl's imprint on the Muppet Show.

"He was the person responsible really for the heart of the Muppets. He just knew the characters better than anybody else. He was brilliant because he could be funny but not nasty. He always saw the affection between the characters.
Nobody else could do that kind of writing…. He was the Muppet writer."

Too bad there aren't more persons of influence in Hollywood with Mr. Juhl's entertaining yet pure talent.


kat said...

i loved "the muppets show".
i also loved it on "sesame street" when kermit would be a reporter.

Kirsten said...

for a second I thought that picture was you.

Jay said...


Emily Allan said...

TRUE THAT! I wish more humor was clean.

Fat eSpence said...

I second the motion.