Thursday, November 17, 2005

In eighth grade, my buddy transferred a legitimately helpful program over to my TI-82 calculator with a little cable he had.

You entered your birthday into this program and then, through bonafide trigonometry-based equations, it converted that data into sine waves representing your spirituality, intelligence, and quality of emotion over a month's time period.

Man, what a useful tool! How helpful it was to plug in my birthdate and see when I would be at the top of my academic game. And when I failed lousily in the empathy department, I would just point to the trough of my sine wave and sorta shrug my shoulders as if to say, "Sorry, just have to wait a week or two."

But the waves never seemed to peak at the same time, you know? When my spirituality would be up, my emotional quality would be in the middle, and my intelligence area would be bottoming out--maybe to appease some sort of cosmic balance or something...(if you believe in that smack.) Anyway, today is marathon quiz/test day and I can't help but feel all of my waves are hanging out in the deep end. Apparently there's no karmic bar on that.

So, curse you, TI-82. And you too, technology. And you three, crackpot sine wave intelligence theory.


ali said...

least you're a pretty good writer. funny.

kat said...

in 8th grade, my buddy used my calculator to show me some quasi dirty (but mostly just lame) jokes about dolly parton.

good luck with your tests.

Ryan said...

The TI-82 has taken control of you! It musr be destroyed! LOL

Emily Allan said...

lol...umm...where can I get one of those? Wait...i think I have a friend with one.
How was your thanksgiving?