Thursday, November 10, 2005

"You got a rifle. Why do you need a peashooter? When you already got a rifle, why do you need a peashooter?"
"Kennedy...Kennedy...Kennedy...Kennedy...Kennedy is gonna be the next president of the United States...Kennedy..."
-Lunatic at University Stadium Trax station.

Did I mention that I love riding on public transportation?
Yesterday I met an old lady at the 55 S and State St. bus stop who was trying to convince me that Modern-day Mormons were ensnared by witchcraft and that the second-coming would happen at Zion Nat'l Park in Southern Utah...or that it had already happened there. Needless-to-say, I was confused.

All I asked her was if she wanted me to tell her when the #11 had arrived.


Fat eSpence said...

I too love public transit. Do you have singers wearing headphones?

Chester B. said...

I wish.

Just crazies, people who reek of cigarettes, and a bunch of folks who work at the church office building.

kat said...

man! i've been to zion's and didn't see no second comin'!
how did i miss it?

Chester B. said...

Apparently it had something to do with the Great White Throne and a chariot of fire.

But, she sorta started to mumble after that. So I couldn't give you any other directions on where to look.