Thursday, December 01, 2005

MISSING: Casio Digital Wristwatch
COLOR: Silver Chrome, with silver metallic chain mesh snap band.
FEATURES: Stopwatch, alarm, Indiglo, two separate time zones-telling feature, 30 different phone number storage.

If found please search through the phone number section of the watch and call the number listed under "me."


An oyasumikaiin* in Japan gave this watch to me with the double-time zone telling feature in mind.

"See," she said, as my companion and I sat with her at an open-air restaraunt, "Now you can see what time it is at home."

I don't know if she was trying to make me homesick or trying to dissuade us from "the path"--she also gave us some Coffee-flavored swiss rolls--but, the gift was appreciated!

Anyway, that watch lasted me practically 7 years and I can basically tie it in to all the milestones in my life from 1999 to present. I watched the date on its face change from 1999 to 2000 from the roof of my apartment in Japan. I got the battery changed at the BYU bookstore in 2003. I wasn't wearing it when I got married--that was my other watch--but, I would've, if it hadn't started to look so beat up.

Anyway, if anybody has any info as to the whereabouts of this dear old friend...please...

*(oyasumikaiin = inactive church member)


Candice said...

how sad. Did you retrace your steps? perhaps it's time to let it go and move onto a bigger better watch with perhaps 3 time zone telling capacity?

Anonymous said...

If you want your watch back, I require. . . 1 MILLION DOLLARS !!!!

kat said...

you can have the neon orange watch i bought at shopko for $3.
if you want.