Thursday, December 08, 2005

A Quest of, or for, LASERS...

When Matt and Candice were in town, Matt, Patrick, and I decided to play laser tag while Candice went to visit some old friends.
Ali, who originally consented to play minature golf, grudgingly ceded to the change in plans. And I stress "grudgingly."

Once at Laser Quest, we chose our codenames.
I donned the moniker of "Puuplaar"--misspelled "Puupler" by the pimply teen worker.Matt was "Blanche." Patrick became Lee Hainless AKA "LeeHainous." And Ali was the formidable "Fannie Mae."

Soon we began a solo match against 23 other people--most under the age of 10, but, a few dads, other college-aged kids, and some teenagers too--and entered the maze.

As I split from the group, "Eye of the Tiger" pounding in my head, I divided the ranks of the kids running around in packs. I hiked to the top of the level and sniped the snipers. I hid; I ducked; I strategized. I ran into Ali once or twice, and she was laughing. Needless-to-say time flew by quickly and the match was over. It was time to tally the scores.

All 27 of us gathered around the pedestal of truth as the pimply teen announced the winners of the game starting from 3rd place. "Puupler?" I walked up to the pedestal and took my score card from his hand. "Tazor." A middle-aged man waddled up to retrieve his scores. And in first place... "Fanny Mae." All of the 10-year olds, the slimy teenagers, and the parents who played the match searched the ranks for a glimpse of this hardened player. As Ali walked to the pedestal, a noticeable gasp sounded from Brad, the 10-year-old whose birthday party it was, and I shouted, "That's my wife!"

As we walked to the car, Patrick made the comment that he didn't even make it to the top 10 and was trying his hardest. Ali simply smiled and said, "I hated laser tag in high school, but it seems that the technology has really improved."

I guess it really has.

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kat said...

i always come in last.