Thursday, January 26, 2006

I'm a loser.

I don't talk to anyone at school, but I see the same people almost every day.
And it's not the same as at BYU when you walk past that red-headed kid at 4:17PM on Fridays walking from the WILK to the stairs above the Smith Fieldhouse...and think, "man, I see that freaking red-headed kid everyday."
It's more like...I see the same people because we're all in the same classes and I sit around them. I know their names, their majors, and some of their life stories...all from just overhearing them talk. But, I don't talk to them...any of them...really.
So, I'm basically friendless on campus.

Now, I'm not trying to solicit sympathy or a host of comforting emails. I'm just leading up to compensation: the discussion boards. Debating and discussing with my fellow film geeks, I'm enveloped in the warm arms of their understanding and love...well, when they agree with me. But, even when they don't, I still enjoy the slap of their dissent and then the overwhelming urge to prove them wrong. And, I really like talking about movies...



Kirsten said...

yeah drugs haven't smashed your love of film. Andy and I got wallace and gromit on DVD it has all 3 shorts and a few extras. we should get together and watch the extras! B/c the extras are funny. unless you already have it.

kat said...

i like movies better than most people. and by that i mean that i like movies more than most people like movies.
and also that i like movies more than i like most people.

(a few weeks ago em bought "big trouble in little china" and we giggled in fond remembrance of the ldsmps screening.)