Monday, March 20, 2006

"Sorry about my face."

Do you ever have those days where you're walking in a crowded place, a university campus perhaps, and an unusual amount of people stare at you as you walk past? And not the usual casual glance, but a look as if to say, "hey, man, you've got dried snot on your face" or "XYZ PDQ, friend." But then, you check your fly and wipe your nose and find nothing.

These are the days when I feel extra insecure.


Candice said...

They just thought you were cute. Don't be insecure, start staring at other people and make them insecure, that's the ticket.

kat said...

and when you stare, don't blink.
and then start twitching.
and every once and a while shout out a barrage of obscenities.

that's what i do.

Chester B. said...

It doesn't help that I feel like an "old guy" on campus. Man, if I was 40 or something, it might not be so bad...but, I'm so close to the age of the average college-goer, yet, so far away.

Kirsten said...

I hate feeling insecure b/c then I think of a million other things to be insecure about. horrible horrible.