Thursday, April 06, 2006

Alright, so Ali and I have been watching American Idol faithfully for about a month now.
We'd rather be outside or doing other things...outside, but, the weather's crappy-even for springtime in Utah-and we don't like being cold or wet.

Anyway, this is my first AI addiction, so I can't compare with past seasons, but even though FOX promotes that YOU, the viewer, determines who stays and who goes, it's bogus. The "bottom three" are careflly constructed to provide suspense and drama every Wednesday! How else could you explain the fact that Bucky "Off-key Gravel-throat" Covington was not voted off last night? Or even Ace "Freaky-Deaky" what's-his-face?

So why was Mandisa nixed?
Sure she's got a lot of junk in the trunk but it seems unlikely that physical appearance would have that much bearing over position...I mean, Rueben Stoddard won once, right? Both, online and newspaper polls showed that, although her popularity had fallen in recent weeks, Mandisa was still about 2nd place.
Anyway, not that you can really put a lot of trust into online polls, cell phone voting, or the general taste of TV-watching America, but...still, something seems fishy here.

Even though she has considerable singing talent, the reason she didn't survive was because she brought religion into the show. Simon's reaction to her Southern Tent Revival Hymn awhile back was indicative of the reaction of many across the country, I'm sure. But, it's suprising that an evangelical south seems to be backing two of the most talentless characters on the show, Bucky and "The Pickler," while exxing one with talent.
Whether audiences or the powers at FOX decided this remains disputable.

Anyway, I threatened boycott for next week, hoping that good weather would drive us away from the accursed TV, but, it's snowing right now., I just can't quit you, American Idol.

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Anonymous said...

I quit watching when I found out that the chicken little kid was one of the finalists. How did he make it past the auditions without being laughed to scorn.