Wednesday, April 05, 2006

HAIR, hair, hair, down to there!
My hair is long...really, really long. And, I know when it's getting long because my mother, bless her heart, starts saying it's too long...only in her own way.
"Wow, Ryan, you've wave in your hair, don't you?"
"Wow, Ryan, your hair grows so FAST! When was the last time you had it cut?"

I've been meaning to get it cut lately, but for some reason or another--sloth, cheapness, apathy---haven't quite done it yet.

There's a place near the U that advertises $4 cuts, which I've used before, but charges $10 for long hair. And everytime I think about that place, I find myself pulled into a debate about what "long hair" actually means. I mean, are we talking "glam rock" long hair or "too long for BYU honor code" long hair? Because if it's the latter, the $6 hike is too much for me. And, of course, I don't have the gumption to simply enter the store and ask.

Also, I've got a coupon for $6.99 at Great Clips, which is also near where we live, but a girl from our ward works there and it would be kind of embarrassing if she, somehow, was appointed to cut my hair and somehow botched it... Church is awkward enough as it is, what with being consigned to the primary and hardly knowing anybody, that I don't need a dopey looking haircut to separate me any further from the members of the congregation.

Ali's been trying to talk my dad into doing it, which is great, I mean, free cut, who can balk at that. But he's tired. He's only a haircutting shadow of the man who, the first time he bought haricutting clippers, shaved my head, and my little brother's, into a style that proclaimed, "deloused!" But, from there on out, he honed his craft, employed scissors, and got good enough that we came to not mind. But now, everytime we bring it up, he says, "sure, whenever you're ready," which means "not now."

boring, I know...

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Anonymous said...

I pay $15 for a haircut and that's before the tip. It's an old Italian guy who shaves my neck with a straight razor and tells me stories about WWII. It's worth the money.