Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Well the summer's been pretty busy thus far.

I got a job as a pharm-tech at Wal-Mart. (I love retail!)

We hiked to the Hot Pots and were repulsed by a hippie who claimed some sort of ownership over it just because he had renounced society living for four days in favor of eating organic eggs while soaking in the pots.

"I spent all day yesterday moving those rocks around... Don't touch my stuff!"

Last weekend, We hiked "the Subway", "Angel's Landing", and some of the Narrows with Jon and Kaylene.

We've got our tickets for DC.

And, we started training for a 1/2 marathon....yay.

How's your summer?


candice said...

when, why DC?? fun!! I guess there are a ton of great museums there.

kat said...

does that mean you sit in that big glass box, three feet higher than everyone else all day?


Fat eSpence said...

Because espencer is in DC of course!

Em said...

great now i'm jealous. how come I don't have a hot pot fort??

chrissy said...

so i hear Case Western has a school for you...maybe. you should check it out. that'd be fun for us.

Kirsten said...

blah wal-mart. I am sorry. at least it's in the biz????