Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The condo pool is still empty and summer's basically over.
I'm relatively ticked (Ali wouldn't let me say "pissed") and hot.

Honking vigorously everytime we drive past the empty pool still hasn't remedied the situation. Perhaps more drastic measures are in order; maybe I'm just not speaking the same language as the homeowner's assoc.

A lot of elderly people live in this complex who are always posting signs for "LOST: One Calico Cat" And even a few "STOLEN: One Wheelchair. SHAME ON YOU!" Maybe if I construct a sign that says something like, "LOST and/or STOLEN: ONE SWIMMING POOL. If found before Labor Day please notify ALL residents. SHAME ON YOU!" it'll stir them to action. Then again... it'll probably only merit a verbal bashing in the condo newsletter by the Homeowner's Assoc Secretary whom we affectionately refer to as "the Pecker."

The only construction that went up quickly this summer in Davis County was an Arctic Circle. It's totally ready for action except that the surrounding 20 acres are still dirt.

"Dear Pecker,

Please hire those Arctic Circle guys next time you bid out ANY construction project.

The Residents"



kat said...

ryan, did you steal the wheelchair?

shame on you.

Kirsten said...

well maybe they emptied the pool because you were "pissed" in it so much.... you know ali has a good point when she told you not to admit to that one....?!?!?! I am strange I know.