Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I'm addicted.

I can admit it.
That's the first step to recovery, right? Or maybe the third. Anyway, I know that I have a problem; I've got an addictive personality, I guess.

I can't stop downloading music off of the Internet. No illegals mind you, there's no Gnutella, Limewire, or Kazaa, just my host of legal and free websites. And most of the stuff I find isn't what you'd call "accessible" exactly, but, there have been a coupla winners--ask Ali.

So, having good music isn't the problem and getting it legally free isn't bad either. I just can't stop. I really need to get going on the much procrastinated personal statement, but, looking for free tunes is much more fun. Maybe scouring the Net for good tunes is fulfilling a hunter/gatherer instinct long neglected. I don't know...but, I need help.

I need an iPod.

1 comment:

ali said...

are you sure that an iPOD won't just make it worse???

you better get busy!!!