Friday, January 12, 2007

"Hey, do you have a pen or a pencil I could borrow," a hulking figure of student sitting next to me asks.

Without a word, I hand the pen I'm currently using out toward him.

Thinking I'm giving him my one and only writing instrument, he frantically retracts, "No that's okay! I didn't mea..."

"I've got others," I calmly respond.

"Oh cool, thanks," he bellows as he grabs it with a big hand.

Just ten minutes earlier a blonde in the class asked the same question to her neighbor. But what really came out of her mouth was, "In the 2 hours that it takes to apply makeup and get my hair ready, I just didn't have 15 extra seconds to dig a stinking pen out of a kitchen drawer."
After all, it's only community college...


Anonymous said...

Blondes and hulking figures always leave so much to be desired. When do you hear from the different grad schools?



Chester B. said...

Now I'm partnered up with the hulking guy. It turns out he's only 19 and planning to serve a mission after the semester's up.

ali said...

Whose the jerk now? hee-hee.