Monday, February 05, 2007

Blue Monday.

I guess I'm feeling depressed today. For weeks everybody has been telling me how easy physics is at the community college under this professor, how all one needs to do is print off all of the solutions from the manual and the test practically solves itself. I tried it...didn't see any problems that resembled anything from those problems. I got my second freaking 80% academic plans flushing down the toilet.

My letters of recommendation haven't shown up on the Idaho State University Pharmacy School website yet and the deadline was last Thursday. It's REALLY reassuring to have people recommend you LATE...even when you've given them the forms two months prior.

I'm sure it can be attributed to an over-developed sense of pride one time I used to think that I was smart and different-somehow set apart from "the crowd." I hate these flashes where I realize that I'm the same and even worse than the generic public. Man, am I stuck-up.

Finally, a guy can take only so much open mouth crunching, B.O. stench, and stinking, wet shoe wafting until he begins to think of taking his own life. Scratch that. A guy can only take so much until he begins to think of taking that stinking guy's life. KEEP YOUR ARMS DOWN!

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Ali said...

I love you.