Monday, February 11, 2008

RX United update.
Last Wednesday our competitors forfeit, so we played 3 team cutthroat with a bunch of soccer misanthropes. We had captains choose teams and I wasn't picked last! M, a tall friend with a blond curly white-fro from the pharmacy program joined us for the first time and was chosen to play on the all Asian team. (All-Asian, except for him, of course). The Asians, although superior ball-handlers, crumpled under the pressure. Our one touch skills and triangle of power formations proved way too much for them to beat. But we just couldn't handle the other team composed of the South Americans, our soccer girl from the track, and the guy who usually refs.
Until next time.

Our Syrian hasn't shown up for a game yet...maybe it's for the best.


Fat eSpence said...

Reminds me of the time we schooled those boys with fancy pants hockey sticks and gloves.

Eddie the Girl said...

you are so lucky. how fun to have a team. you rock.