Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A real post

I ran over my cellphone a few weeks ago...with a car. It was an accident, of course. And it still works; it's just that the outside display is cracked. This is problematic, you see, because of the four people on our cellphone plan, I consistently use the least minutes every month. It's very important to me to know who's calling, because in the rare event, I like to be not answer. Just kidding...really.

Anyway, I had to go back and group my contacts into ringtones. For example, "family" gets "sunshine" while "friends" get "free." I would have liked to have been more creative with "other" and "avoid" ringtones but we don't get a lot of choices with our plan. So they get "default" and "sequin." This makes every phone call quite exciting actually, since I don't have enough ringtones to individualize each contact. So I don't know exactly who's calling, just how I have them organized in my phone. Who am I really kidding? I still answer each call regardless.
But even that was a lot of work for nothing since my phone is on vibrate most of the time and the person who calls me the most is my Mom.
Life's tough but I guess you just gotta keep rolling with the punches.


farringtonfamily said...

Well Ryan...I will still keep calling, and you know-you can probably get a new phone if it's under warranty? It's worth a call!!


P.S. See you tonight with a chicken casserole for the weekend. Would 6:30 p.m. be alright? Call me!

Nathan S said...

Ryan man, there is nothing worse than having something that is annoyingly broken but not dead. I feel for you

Kirsten said...

not ali? that is funny I think after me andy's mom calls him the most.