Sunday, April 26, 2009

4th Street Sprint Triathlon

A 300 yd swim, 5 mile muddy mountain bike ride, and a 3 mile hilly run = fun, fun, fun. This was my first tri (One of my pharmacy school buddies talked me in to it) and I must say that it was a great challenge. Who's game next year?
(Other race results can be found here)


L'Hôte said...

Thank goodness for the speedo shield!! Work it Ryan, good for you!! I would love to get into racing - but am yet to. I'd like to hear more details.

Candice & Matt

Jorjeta said...

You actually looked really good in that speedo. I didn't think you needed the shield! :) But then again, I am married to you.

Fat eSpence said...

Is that you in the speedo? Why? WHY?