Friday, September 11, 2009


I had a film class in the MOA auditorium at BYU that morning and as I walked through the door, images of burning buildings were projected onto the big screen. I stood there dumbfounded as my professor told us that class was canceled, to go home and watch the news.

As I walked home across campus, I thought of how Jon had just left on his mission the day before and had an irrational fear that his was one of those planes.

It's hard to remember what life was like before "9-11." I know that I took for granted how safe our country was compared to other parts of this world and I guess I still do. For the most part, we have things pretty good.

It's tragic that something like 9-11 happened to us, but an important reminder of how tenuous something like national security and freedom really are.


L'Hôte said...

I woke up to my alarm clock on 9-11 saying the words "america is under attack". It was shocking and unbelievable! We didn't have a tv, so Matt and I went to the Wilkinsen center with thousands of other college students trying to figure out what was happening. It didn't seem real, and left such horrible images of people looking for loved ones and others jumping out of buildings.

Hopefully we can continue to keep terror off of home soil (or any soil for that matter), but I do think we've lost that sense of patriotism that was so strong shortly after the incident.


L'Hôte said...

I watched Jon take off for his mission the day before, so on 9/11 I turned on the Today Show while I was getting ready for work, to make sure no planes had crashed the day before. To my horror saw the first and then second plane go into the twin towers. Then at work they had placed a TV so we could watch and saw the Pentagon hit and the other plane go down in the field. Life has never been the same. Like the Sunday when I was 9 and heard over the radio about Pearl Harbor. God, please bless America.

Grandma Cornwall

farringtonfamily said...

I remember seeing Jon off the day before and on 9/11 I went to work at 7 a.m. and one of the co workers there asked me if I had heard about the plane crash. I immediately thought about Jon, but as the days events unfolded I remember trying to stay cheerful for my 3rd grade students. They asked all kinds of questions. "Are we at war?" etc. Some parents were so upset and just wanted their children home, so they came and got them. I also remember that the only thing that gave me comfort at that time was to close my classroom door in the morning before the kids got there, and listen to Patriotic music, especially Celine Dion's "God Bless America". We'll never forget that day!
Love, Mom