Friday, September 18, 2009

About a "Ten" On My Weird Stuff-o-Meter

Go to this website and upload your photo.
(I know it's in Japanese but there's really only one button you can push and it will give you a prompt you will recognize--it's universal, really.)

Now, I know what you're thinking, this is just some gimmicky website that let's you put mustaches and corny stuff on your photo. Well, you're only half right! It's a gimmicky website that turns your 2-D photo creepily 3-D!

Try it out when you get a moment for a lark...a freaky-deaky lark.


farringtonfamily said...

Pretty funny Ryan and Ali!!Ryan you should not have long hair...maybe a moustache and goutee

Funny stuff!


Matt & Candice said...

Does it give you any ideas? You both are quite the chameleon's - come-a, come-a!

I'll have to check it out... too fun!


Kirsten said...

ali I think you look really cute in the 3rd pic actually.