Sunday, September 11, 2011

A lobster gets too big for his shell and has to shed it to grow a new one. Sharks try to eat him. The current threatens to slam him into coral. He's so soft, pink, and vulnerable, but he's gotta risk it all to become a bigger, better lobster. This anecdote has always given me perspective in times of trial and learning...about the delicate, deliciousness of lobster.


Denise Farrington said...

Great analogy Ryan! Growth is painful and sometimes uncomfortable, but the real measure of growth comes in looking back at your accomplishments and the direction you are moving forward! Keep up the good work!

Ali said...

I never read this post until now. You're so deep, such a good writer. And I wish we could afford to eat lobster. Mmm.

Chester B. said...

The analogy is not original, but my rendering of it is.

I wish we could afford to eat lobster too. :)