Sunday, June 03, 2012

Western States Residency Conference 2012 - Asilomar California
Henry Cowell Redwood State Park
Banana Slug!

Pharmacy Nerd

Cannery Row


18th Hole, PebbleBeach

Can you see the Sea Lion?

Mystery Spot, Santa Cruz, CA


Matt & Candice said...

Sweet Ryan!!! Matt and I definitely want to spend time in the Redwood Forest, looks amazing! Hope you had a great time.


Denise Farrington said...

Looks beautiful! I'll bet that you wish you had more time for sight-seeing and less time for projsct- presenting! Great pictures!


Kurt & Rachel Keyser said...

You went to our home turf. Our house in California is about 10 minutes from Henry Cowell in Boulder Creek. If you want to head back for a vacation we're turning our house into a vacation rental while we're in Japan.

Janna said...

I want to be there!! What a cool place to visit.